Liberty Print Brody Badger

Thicket & Thimble

Brody Badger is a handcrafted English badger with signature Thicket & Thimble features and measures 45cm from head to toe (not including the ears).

He wears Liberty Print 'Adelajda' star print shorts in grey with a velvet belt and hand knitted beanie hat. His waistcoat is made with melange wool felt and wooden buttons and his pom-pom neck tie is hand crafted with powder blue yarn.

All Thicket & Thimble dolls are made in England using Irish linen and European wool felt appliqué with a soft, branded tag stating 'decorative use only'. Each doll arrives boxed and beautifully packaged with a numbered tag and glitter print cotton dust bag.

If you'd like to know more about Thicket & Thimble dolls and to check the current lead time for dispatch, please do visit the FAQs page.

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